Relocation Temporary Housing

Short-Term Housing Programs

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In the process of relocating employees, there might be a time when flexible, temporary housing is needed. We understand the need for clients to maintain their budgets while still accommodating an employee’s needs. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternatives available from major international suppliers, independent property owners, Airbnb, hotel chains, and other flexible housing options that will work within company budgets and satisfy employees.

At Executive Class™ , we work with our housing partners to build customized temporary living programs based on your organization and relocating employees’ needs.

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Flexible Temporary Housing Solutions

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Temporary housing, sometimes called corporate housing or flexible housing, is required when an employee is relocating and cannot move into permanent accommodation. Companies also use short-term housing for contract employees, interns, clients, military, and other personnel.

We know that temporary housing for job relocations is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Executive Class™ works with leading temporary housing companies worldwide. Our access to high-quality providers can significantly keep your costs down while employees enjoy deluxe amenities, beautiful locations, and high-value services.

Corporate Temporary Housing Services

Executive Class™ has an extensive list of end-to-end services for corporate temporary housing needs, including:

  • Evaluation of needs
  • Property search (based on the assessment)
  • Property and community tour
  • Planning and managing employee move-in and move-out schedule
  • Relocation of employee’s household goods and belongings
  • Consolidated billing and reporting
  • Management of lease, deposit

Keep Options Flexible with Executive Class

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At Executive Class™, we, along with our partners, offer flexible short-term housing solutions that will fit your budget and your employee’s needs. Contact us today and we’ll start building a customizable solution for your temporary housing needs.