Relocation Rental Assistance

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Whether your employee needs to find a rental property in their destination city or terminate their current lease and relocate, Executive Class™ & Beltmann Relocation Group ensures the employee is given personal attention and supported throughout the process. Our relocation rental program includes comprehensive counseling, support, and follow-up.

Destination Rental Services

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When relocating to an unfamiliar location, renting is often better than purchasing a home. Renting provides flexibility and allows the transferee time to explore their new city without the commitment of a home purchase. Moving to a new area involves much more than finding an apartment or a house to rent.

Our team will ensure factors like location, neighborhood, and schools meet the unique needs of the transferee and their family. We access national, regional, and local providers to source rental units based on client budget, policy, and employee preferences. We consistently secure housing below the corporate rate offered by many suppliers in this industry.

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Our tailored relocation rental assistance solutions ensure your employee finds their ideal rental home:
  • Counseling and Needs Assessment
  • Local Real Estate Agent Expertise
  • Leasing Process & Provisions
  • Lease Review
  • Relocation Provisions and Verbiage
  • Lease Break Clause Information
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Current Lease Negotiation and Cancellation

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In general, relocating a homeowner costs a company more than relocating a renter. Because of this, there is an incentive to assist these employees in terminating their current leases. Through our network of leasing experts, we will negotiate and manage the termination of the lease. Our leasing experts are experienced in interpreting pertinent provisions within lease agreements.

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