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Executive Class™ and Beltmann Relocation Group have invested heavily in our proprietary portfolio of technology programs. From our Customer Service Order Management System (ReloTrak) to Virtual & Physical Estimating (MoveScout Pro), along with our best-in-class driver software and tools (MoveScout Max), we are on the leading edge of the household goods industry in technology. These solutions provide our clients and supply chain partners additional accountability, visibility, and efficiencies that others cannot offer.

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Executive Class™ and Beltmann Relocation Group reviewed every detail of the corporate relocation process and partnered with a top-tier software firm to build a customized order management system. Our best-in-class ReloTrack Order Management system allows us to tailor every customer service task and client policy, around the specific account needs of an individual client. Because the technology is proprietary we continually update and upgrade its capabilities. Additionally, our system offers complete integration with clients’ systems through various API options.
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Executive Class™ and Beltmann Relocation Group have performed over 10,000 virtual move surveys during the lifetime of our virtual program. This not only provides convenience for our customers to perform a physical inventory of their goods, but it is also the most efficient and accurate process in the industry. Our Corporate clients choose this option 98% of the time. Executive Class™ and Beltmann Relocation Group’s in-house surveyors are professionally trained, industry veterans, that are domiciled in the United States. This accounts for our extremely high accuracy rating.  ReloTrack Virtual surveys allow both our clients and the Executive Class™ | Beltmann Relocation Group team, access to the video inventories at any point to review special needs or discrepancies.
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MoveScout Max is our proprietary driver mobile application. This application allows our drivers to receive and view move orders in real-time. In addition, MoveScout Max is fully integrated with our sales, customer service, and van lines systems which allows drivers to electronically inventory a customer’s home, execute all paperwork and transmit all documents, including picture documentation of relevant household goods item conditions, home, and property to the transferee and office. This functionality provides significant efficiencies, claim reductions, and protections for the corporate client, transferee, and the driver.
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MoveScout Pro is our proprietary mobile sales/survey and customer service application. This fully integrated solution starts with an electronic survey transmitted to customer service to initiate the move process with the client and/or transferee. This ability to communicate electronically among all service partners in the supply chain is of critical importance and efficiency. It often cuts days, if not weeks, off the move survey and initiation process. In addition, MoveScout Pro is fully integrated with MoveScout Max, allowing our drivers’ complete visibility of the order details.

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Beltmann Relocation Group has been performing virtual surveys since 2014. In fact 98% of our transferees opt for a virtual survey.  Virtual surveys provide your transferees with the ultimate convenience by allowing for surveys to be conducted after hours, on weekends, and, of course, during the work day. 

We have three full-time surveyors to ensure a survey appointment is available at your employees’ convenience.  We use specialized video conferencing software to record the survey, reducing the time it takes for your employees and to provide a record of items moved, which can be shared with the service providers.