Moving Executives for 20 Years


Every executive is unique; so is Executive Class. For 20 years, EC has strictly focused on moving any employee a corporation deems as a VIP. In truth, EC is the only company able to boast that fact. We do it right. We make it right. Read our testimonials to discover that Executive Class is all about the proof, not the promises.

Is Executive Class the right fit?

Executive Class is a specialized division of the Beltmann Relocation Group, a national moving company with 12 strategically located branches. EC began due to a recognized need for domestic corporations to be able to offer unique service for their upper management, VIP executives and their families. If "YES" is the answer to any of the following statements, it's time you found out more about EC.



You are interested in a moving service that caters to an executive and their family.



A seamless executive relocation keeps your reputation in tact and will shine a positive light on your department.


Human Resources

You want a supplier that truly understands what is needed and acts as the backroom operation.



You have a relocation package and desire services that go above and beyond packing and loading.

Our Journey

  • Corporate America's first choice for executive relocation.
  • A consistent satisfaction rating of 4.82 out of 5.
  • Has seamlessly relocated 12,000+ executives and their families.
  • 38 employees and growing.
  • A fleet of 400+ specialized trucks.
  • Coverage in 75% of the US.
  • 40,000 square foot warehouse.
  • Controlled storage in 12 Beltmann, wholly-owned warehouses.
  • North American Van Lines' (NAVL) largest hauling and booking agent.

Custom Choice Add-ons

Every executive relocation is different. There are unique situations that require more than Executive Class' above-average standard services. EC offers concierge add-ons that will leave executives and their families with a lasting impression that they made the right choice with their employer and thankful for the privilege to use Executive Class. Please contact us to find out the details.