Moving Executives for 20 Years


Every executive is unique. So is Executive Class. For 20 years, EC has strictly focused on relocating any employee a corporation deems as a VIP. In truth, EC is the only company able to boast that fact. We do it right. We make it right. Read our testimonials to discover EC is all about the proof, not the promises.

Is Executive Class the right fit?

Executive Class was developed for America's corporations looking for a unique service for their upper management, domestic VIPs. If "YES" is the answer to any of the following questions, it's time to find out more about EC.



Interested in a moving service that caters to an executive and their family.


Mobility Dept.

Desire services that go above and beyond packing and loading.


HR Dept.

Want a supplier that truly understands what is needed and acts as the backroom operation.


Executives w/a Relocation Pkg.

The mitigation of risk surrounding a high profile VIP relocation will shine a positive light on the relocation department.

Choice Benefit Program

Multi- tiered service options designed specifically to reduce the transferee and  families stress levels during the course of the relocation.

Are we the right fit for
your relocation program?

We developed executive class for corporate America's mobility department that are looking for a unique service for their upper management domestic transferees - if you answer "YES" to any of the following questions we'd love to sit down with you and discuss you program needs;

questionmark-iconAre you interested in a moving service that caters to your executive and their family with services that go way beyond packing and loading?

questionmark-iconWould you like a supplier that truly understands your needs and acts as a backroom to you and your organization?

questionmark-iconWill the mitigation of risk surrounding your high profile transferees help you relax a bit more ?

If you think we’re a good fit: