Group Move Management

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At Executive Class™, we define a group move as when ten or more employees must move from the same area to the same destination, at the same time, for the same business purpose. Group moves must meet the strategic objectives and goals of the company. Whether due to growth, expansion, or reduction in workforce, all group moves require a high level of planning and execution. In the case of an acquisition or merger, a group move comes with additional complications. A group move is already an inherently stressful situation that can be compounded with the challenge of merging two different company cultures.

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Group Moves Done Right

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Executive Class™ can help reduce the stress of relocating employee and their family while mitigating the risk for your business.

The Executive Class™ team will engage with you early in the decision-making and planning process to create a smooth transition policy for your organization. Too often, stakeholders can underestimate the complexity of a group move. A common mistake is a lack of plan organization and prematurely announcing a group move which can result in low employee confidence leading to unnecessary and additional conflicts. The more time your organization allocates to policy and plan preparation, the better.

Simplifying Group Moves

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