Expense Management

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Relocation Expense Management

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Executive Class™ and our relocation management partners provide comprehensive management of all relocation-related expenses in a simplified and accurate approach. Expenses are categorized and tracked through systems that allow for extensive reporting and ensure IRS compliance. Our partners have the ability to provide expense management tools customized to your relocation program. They support cost estimates, supplier payments, tax and payroll services, gross-ups, employee disbursements of out-of-pocket expenses, financial reporting, year-end tax reporting, and more.

Consolidated Billing & Accurate Reconciliation

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Executive Class™ makes billing easier through consolidated vendor systems. By choosing the right relocation management partner invoicing can be managed in real-time, monthly, or any other customizable cycle times. The proper expense management system provides access to critical information, billing, reporting, and tracking in addition, but not limited to, the following:

  • Multi-currency invoicing options.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses submission through vendor portals and dashboards.
  • Simplified payment and invoicing.

With a simplified approach, all vendor invoices are consolidated into one and designated with appropriate account details such as employee, business unit, or other specifics.

Easy and Efficient Billing Processes

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Our streamlined approach to billing and expense management gives you more time to focus on other important matters. All expense management and processing are overseen by experienced and dedicated teams with years of experience in the relocation industry.

To learn more about how we can simplify your relocation process contact us today.