Our Journey

Our journey began in 1999 when Matt Altieri and Marc Van Kley envisioned Executive Class. At that time, their combined industry experience totaled over 40 years. They developed the concept of a specialized division within a relocation company. This division would cater to the individual that made the tough decisions…the executive that plays a part in stockholder equity.

They recognized that to be successful, the division must focus solely on corporate executive relocation. They also knew firsthand when a VIP had a seamless move, everyone was content. The executive was happy because their family was happy. Productivity remained high in the executive’s department. Plus, the human resources department, mobility department, and the relocation management company felt a sense of relief.

Matt and Marc presented their idea to the Beltmann Relocation Group, North American Van Lines’ largest agent with 50 years in the industry and 12 locations nationwide. Plus, Beltmann’s “Be The Customer” culture fit Matt and Marc’s vision for Executive Class. Beltmann agreed, and the journey began.

Be The Customer

Executive Class started like no other relocation company. In the true spirit of “Be The Customer,” EC began with a year-long assessment to understand the needs of a VIP, a
C-Suite executive, their family, the HR and mobility departments, and the RMCs. A couple of simple questions were asked: “What would you like to see a relocation company do?” and “How would you like to see a relocation company perform?”

EC took this information and put what to do on one side of a ledger, and what not to do on the other side. Trust, transparency, and communication were vital. More targeted were the concerns of whether a relocation company would listen to what the executive wanted and be respectful and careful with their household goods and home.

On the surface, these are inherent to business, but EC discovered often dismissed in the industry. Using the information gathered, Executive Class created Standard Operating Procedures heavily focused on the “Be The Customer” culture. After 20 years (and counting), the SOP and culture thrive.